We have a RED EPIC-W


In Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi, Luke Skywalker sports a brand new, flashy green lightsaber, and performs miraculous feats of heroism. We can all agree that the new, green lightsaber is pretty cool and Yoda-esque. Now that isn’t to say that the older, Kanobi blue wasn’t cool too; no, in fact it was pretty awesome… just not as epic as the new grand master green.

No, unfortunately, we didn’t get real, working lightsabers. In fact, now that I think about it, I don't know why we chose to use green and blue lightsabers in this analogy.  The topic of this article is all about RED... are we going to the dark side?!?... Nah!  We just upgraded a camera.

Introducing Tekmerion's RED EPIC-W. We’re very excited about this camera and thrilled to offer its gorgeous cinematic capabilities to our clients. 

The EPIC-W is a beast packed with RED’s 8K HELIUM sensor. Aside from RED’s habit of CAPITALIZING EVERYTHING, the company has delivered a power house in image capture.


Now, “why would you ever need to shoot such a large image?” you might ask. The better question is “why not?”

In all seriousness, the RED EPIC-W gives us many new advantages in production and post-production, and we are working to take advantage of said advantages.

Now we like to share here at Tekmerion Productions, so if you would like to use this amazing camera package, and you have insurance, contact us and ask about our rental policy.

Conner Outlaw