God's not Dead


We recently worked with PureFlix producer, Brittany Yost, to record a few statements from the Newsboys’ Michael Tait for the upcoming film, God’s Not Dead: a Light in Darkness.  I’m old school, so I was like, “Michael Tait from DC Talk?  Sure we’ll help.”   

We enjoyed our time with Brittany and Michael, and my team did a great job.  


Here are a few thoughts from our boys—

Mr. Tait delivered a message of love, diversity, and unity.  We also shot a couple segments where he encouraged pastors and believers to see the film this Easter.

The shoot itself was a lot of fun, Michael Tait’s banter made it an easy environment in which to work. Brittany knew exactly what she wanted, and the room had a very pleasing aesthetic. Our crew worked well together, and the Pure Flix Representatives, along with Michael Tait, were all incredibly easy to work with.

David Ellison


We shot at Blackbird Studios in Nashville, a beautiful recording studio that has been used by some of the top names in music.  Mr. Tait was a fantastic talent to work with, and he handled everything with grace and professionalism. I was blessed by my brief but meaningful interactions with him, and greatly appreciated his down-to-earth conversation. Brittany shared some of her experiences on the flagship films and how her work with the series has blessed her. I thank the Lord for the opportunity and can’t wait to be able to work with PureFlix again.

Conner Outlaw