Disney Animators


In August, we travelled to Los Angeles, California for a project with the Gideons International.  Brian, and our friend, Kyle from NowTech Productions, shot an interview with Glen Keane and Ron Husband.  These two artists and animators spent many years with Walt Disney Studios. You might know some of Glen’s work — The Little Mermaid, Tarzan, The Beast, Rapunzel… it’s a long list. What you may not know is Glen and Ron are disciples of Jesus Christ, and proudly professes their faith. 


Glen was the son of Bil Keane, an artist responsible for the popular newspaper comic, The Family Circus. Glen spent his early years admiring the work of his talented father. When he found himself needing artistic advice, he would invade his father’s home studio.  Despite deadlines, Bil would push his work aside to mentor his son. Glen grew in his talent, and was accepted into an internship with Disney.


While working at Disney, Glen met Ron Husband, a curious man who spent his free time engulfed in the pages of scripture. Although Glen grew up in a Catholic home, he never fully committed himself to the faith. On one occasion during a season of depression and guilt, Glen asked Ron about God.  As a result, he found peace through Christ Jesus. He thought this new relationship with the Creator may lead him into full time ministry.  He shared his thoughts with his pastor, and was encouraged to use his artistic gifts to touch lives beyond the reach of the pulpit.  

I, Brian, personally believe Ron Husband articulated this idea best as he recounted the film, Chariots of Fire.  

“...when I run, I feel His pleasure.”

Ron explained, this to be the pleasure of a parent or grandparent giving a gift to a child and watching him delightfully engaging with it.  

This experience birthed a prayer in my soul, “Lord show me the gifts you’ve placed inside me that I may delight in them and feel your pleasure.”



Brian Ellison

Conner Outlaw