On Tuesday, August 22nd, Tekmerion shot an interview segment with Mrs. Lorene Miley, a longstanding advocate for missions and treasure to the Free Will Baptist Denomination. The mini-documentary features Mrs. Miley recollecting her earlier years on the mission field alongside her late husband, Dr. Lavergne Miley. Dr. and Mrs. Miley spent decades meeting the physical and spiritual needs of the  people in Côte d’Ivoire.


The Mileys married at a young age, and felt God calling them to the mission field after they attended a missions conference. They worked in part with the Free Will Baptist International (then Foreign) Missions to search for a place to put their skills and knowledge to use for the Lord’s Kingdom.  Their initial desire was to start a work in India, but after the country closed its borders to missionary work, they were assigned to Côte d’Ivoire in west Africa.



Though their hearts and minds were ready, the Mileys did not reach Africa for almost ten years. In this span of time, they built their family, taught at the Free Will Baptist Bible College (now Welch College), pastored a church, worked with various denominational programs, and Dr. Miley earned his medical degrees.  All of this prepared them for their 20 year service to the people in the bush of West Africa.  

    Tekmerion was delighted and honored to be a part of this beautiful story. We strongly believe legacy builds the future.  We look forward to sharing her tales of missions, family, and faith; including a heart-warming and strikingly-detailed recollection of her first encounter with the late Lavergne Miley.  Yep, she was and is a spry young lady.

Conner Outlaw